Hair Care Technology Used in Wig Production Process

Step 1: 100% raw virgin remy hair
Step 2: First Hair Care

Inject high-concentration Bridge oil, replenish hair keratin and hyaluronic acid, replenish moisture factors, and increase the antioxidant power of hair. After these, a polymer film is formed on the surface of the wig which creates a protective environment with imitating hair scales to lock moisture in the hair and nutrients. They will help prevent probably wig damage after the subsequent high temperature and wig sewing process.

Step 3: Steam Process to Achieve Different Hair Textures
Step 4: The hair is sewn onto a wig cap
Step 5: Lightly bleached and pre-plucked
Step 6: Wash and Conditioned for Second Time

Secondary repair and replenishment after minor damage during curling, sewing and bleaching processes to ensure the best health status before sell.

Step 7: Air Dried

Importance & Necessity of Professional Care on Wigs

Both the hair on your scalp and your wig are made up of inanimate keratin which offers nutrients to your hair. At the same time, the scalp secretes a protective film on the hair's surface that locks in moisture. However, human hair on a wig has been cut off from its natural cuticle layer making it difficult to lock in moisture. This can shorten a wig's durability and cause it to become stiff. To solve this issue, we have developed a special product to provide nutrients to your wig and bring back this layer of protection to extend the wig's lifespan.



In collaboration with the special wig care conditioner brand, Absorver, we have developed a high-concentration care conditioner. This conditioner is formulated Bridge oil and used during our wig production process to lock in moisture and help your wig last longer. We have also developed this conditioner for daily use which is more convenient and practical for customers to use. This complimentary conditioner will be sent along with your wig so that you can provide the best treatment for your wigs at home!

For each wig order, 6 pieces of wig conditioner samples will be sent FOR FREE!

It's important to invest in products that revive your human hair pieces after they get tangled, dried and brittle due to using of heat and coloring.


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Miami, FL

Your company providing conditioning for the hair and such is a great incentive. Promoting hair care and creating awareness on the importance of hair care to maintain the hair’s quality and longevity would be helpful when pitching to customers.

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Saint Albans,NY

I definitely think the theory makes sense… I think it’s very important to have well conditioned hair for longevity, this is something I stress to my clients and friends often… I think your product has a good chance of competing well within the market because of this product. Not a lot of companies provide a conditional with purchase of hair/bundles.

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Dothan, AL

The hair it self is really better than any hair I’ve worked with. The conditioner and shampoo are great, especially the conditioner. That’s what I look for when I’m reviving my hair. A conditioner that does it job, keeps the hair super soft and very manageable. Most conditioners only smell good and don’t do anything to help the hair.

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Nottingham, UK

Omg, guys, I can’t tell you’ll how happy I’m with your conditioner I used it on a very bad human hair wig I bought from a friend of mine to support her but the hair was such a very bad hair texture that I only use it once and that’s it because it was tangling really bad that I couldn’t even brush it after using several conditioners on it. But OMG the conditioner you guys send to me was just what I needed for this hair guys because of the transformation was out of this world, it defines the curls so perfectly and the smell. This is the best ever CONDITIONER I have ever used and will be FOREVER