Thank you for your interest.
Since there are a large number of applicants, we need to have a simple interview to choose dozens of marketing personnel. Please read the following question carefully and give us your answers.
First of all, we would like to let you know that Aeryn21wigs' target group is young people with limited budgets, such as college students or fresh graduates. Their characteristics are socially active and full of ideas. Please combine the characteristics with our brand concept -well-conditioned hair can last longer to answer the following question.
Q1: Now, here is the question: If you are asked to design a wig giveaway, what social media platform you will prefer to carry out the event? And which kind of events will you plan or design to attract these people for participation? And how you will conduct the event? Please describe them as detail as possible. And why.
Q2: We are a new wig brand and have plans to do some marketing activities on TikTok. If you were one of us, what marketing programs you will design to attract more people? Please describe them in detail.
Q3: Now we are also looking for YouTube / Instagram gurus to promote our wigs.

If your current task is to choose wig promoters, how will you select the right people? Please sort the following indicators and explain the reasons:
1. Age (young celebrities' ages similar to customer base's)
2. Content matching degree (mainly wig contents, posting many pictures or videos of wigs)
3. Professionalism (very professional wig contents)
4. Personality charm (extraordinary personality charm)

Q4: Which of the following options are you better at? (Multiple choice)

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The final candidates will be employed which are based on your answers.